I'm Mary Catherine!

Hey, there!

I’m Mary Catherine, or “MC.” I thrive on sunshine, the great outdoors, and spending time with my family and friends! After a long day, I love evenings at home curled up under a blanket with Michael and Mahalo or hosting a good game night with friends! We love Ohio, but also love adventuring and exploring new places together. Hawaii has stolen our hearts and is definitely our favorite destination to date, but we love any good adventure! If your dream images involve hiking up a mountain or catching sunrise on the beach, I'm your girl! 

I love spending time with kind, joyous, and positive people who build you up, and I cherish the opportunity to meet the most wonderful people through photography and help them celebrate their most joyful occasions!

Cleveland & Akron Wedding Photographer

Loves golden hour & golden retrievers

If you don’t know Michael, he’s one of the most kind, patient, and genuine people you’ll ever meet! We dated for over six years while we each went through graduate school in different cities and we were fortunate enough to be able to get married in October of 2020. When I’m not behind the camera and Michael isn’t coaching track, we both enjoy helping our patients in the hospital- Michael as a Physical Therapist and myself as an Occupational Therapist.

As a little girl, I always dreamt of having a golden retriever, and we made that dream come true when we brought home our goofy little girl, Mahalo. “Mahalo” is Hawaiian for “an expression of gratitude.” Michael and I aim to find joy and gratitude in all our daily tasks and opportunities, and we certainly are grateful for this little pup! We love taking long walks and runs together, and Mahalo never fails to make us laugh or put a smile on our faces! 

Meet our little family

I will never say no to Chipotle!! My favorite date night is on the couch with a Chipotle bowl, perfectly salted chips and guac!


MY favorite things

Aside from Michael, of course!

A few of my favorite things include absolutely anything cinnamon or vanilla, a Chipotle bowl with a side of perfectly salted chips and guac, a cup of Harney & Sons tea in the morning or a Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher when I want to treat myself, Coldplay, and any clothes or decor from Altar’d State and HomeGoods. 

When I want a special pick-me-up, this is it! On a normal morning, you'll find me sipping on Harney & Sons tea!

Starbucks Strawberry
Acai Refresher

My sweet golden retriever puppy! She brings a smile to our face and makes me laugh every day!


Simply bliss... Take me back there anytime!!! Destination wedding, anyone?!